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Rising damp issues
Structural/Underpin Issues
Roof Restorations
Stone & Brick Fa├žade Works
Fireplace Restorations
Window Repair & Replacements

If you are ready to build, please feel free to contact us so we can arrange a suitable time to meet and discuss your project.


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Heritage Restorations

Across our district you will find many beautiful heritage homesteads, with some well over 100 years old. If you are the fortunate owner of a heritage property, you may find that your home is in need of some repairs or restoration.

Huf Builders prides itself on restoring historic buildings back to their former glory and treating them with respect during the process.  We are dedicated to improving the property while maintaining its charm and character.

Tasteful Transformations
Tasteful Transformations

Restoring heritage homes with a tasteful modern touch.

Sympathetic design
Sympathetic design

Updating design and functionality whilst staying true to the original flavour of the house.

Complementing the Past
Complementing the Past

We take the best of the past and transform it into the present.

Service Overview

Renovating a heritage listed property can be an extremely rewarding experience.  For those considering renovating their home, there are many different options, designs, and finishes available to choose from.

The market is continually changing with new and updated products coming online frequently, of which your project can greatly benefit from.  If you are considering redeveloping your home, we recommend arranging a free consultation with us.